Special Exhibitor Basket Raffle

This year we are adding a special Exhibitor Basket Raffle!  During the Grand Opening (90 minutes) and each of the Exclusive Exhibitor times, we will be drawing winners for the baskets.  Attendees will have a chance to win once each day.

Want to participate?  Sign up here.


Can I still have my own raffle at my booth/table?

How will attendees know I am participating?
Your organization will be listed on the website (if you sign up before Oct 20); there will be special signage in the Exhibit Hall; and at the beginning of each exclusive time we will announce which organizations are participating during that time.

What are some ideas for baskets?
Movie basket (movie coupons or a few DVDs, popcorn and candy); New England basket (items from each of the six states, like maple syrup, cranberries, cheese, saltwater taffy, coffee); Restaurant basket (gift cards to a few restaurants); Dog-lovers basket (dog biscuits, toys, blanket); Coffee basket (different coffees and mug); Game basket (cards, board game, candy); and Ice-Cream basket (ice cream dishes, scoop and some toppings).

Is there a price range?
No.  Creativity is more important than price.

Can I go in on a basket with another vendor?
Sure.  Both organizations should still sign-up so we know you are participating.

Can I add my own products or discount coupons to my basket?
Sure!  And make sure you add your business card and/or business information somewhere.

Who do I ask if I have more questions?
Megan Bishop, NELA Events & Communication Coordinator.  Her email is mbishop@nelib.org