Conference Materials – UPDATED 11/12!

Engage Families: Multigenerational Programming and Museum/Library Collaboration – April Mazza & Laura McCormack

Healthy Minds, Healthy Bodies at the Norwalk Public Library – Cynde Lahey, Karen Liss & Vickie Oatis

Ignite Sessions

Innovative Approaches to to e-Resources at the Queens Library – Kelvin Watson

Jessica Pigza Lunch

Library of Conference Hot Topics – Angela Murphy-Walters

Local Authors: Good for Everyone – Matthew Jaquith

Maintaining & Securing Links on your Website – Jack Cushman & Sebastian Diaz

Makerspaces on a Budget – Melissa Madigan & Kara Reiman

Personal Digital Archiving – Michelle Gario, Frances Harrell, Laura Miller & David Murphy

Singing for Literacy – Liz Buchanan

YA Literature & Fan Created Work – Robin Brenner